Seaside Storm

The dark grey clouds heavy with rain tumbled across the sky driven on by the cold lazy wind that preferred to go through you rather than go round. The white topped waves throwing salty spume into the air and racing up the wet grey sand to eventually crash exhausted on the shingle with a smack and a rattle that almost overcame the sound of the wind. Above the odd seagull braved the storm and making no headway turned and allowed the wind to carry it at full speed into the distance before turning again as if to continue a game of kiss chase.

Further out to sea alone sail border skims across the surface of the waves. Dipping and disappearing into the trough behind the waves only to appear again as he climbs the next wave, as he enjoys the adrenaline rush of risking disaster in the stormy seas. On the cliffside, sea birds take shelter from the storm looking like splashes of white paint against the dark background. Occasionally a bird risks the wind and is carried upwards into the sky to disappear over the cliff.

A dog walker comes into view head bent and collar up eyes stinging from the flying sand and spray. His dog following miserably behind also with head down and coat streaming water.  As the man turns and walks up the beach the wind catches his hat and tumbles it down the beach into the waves. The man turns gives a wave of annoyance and resumes his walk towards the steps and home.

In the harbour small crab and fishing boats bob and dip. The fishermen safe in the warm arms of the Jolly Fisherman drink beer and discuss the great storms of the past and look forward to a calmer sea and a successful voyage.

A distress rocket booms high in the air and they rise and rush to the lifeboat. In minutes the boat rushes down the ramp and battles the waves to bring in a yacht that foolishly ignored the storm and is now stranded having lost power.

As darkness falls distant lights can be seen some flashing at different rates give warning of rocks or sandbanks whilst others travel slowly across the skyline. These are the great cargo ships that dare any storm in their quest for profit.  Gradually the storm having exhausted itself begins to calm and peace descends.

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