Ambulance hurrying flat out to bring aid,

Blues and two clearing the way ahead,

Casualty waiting in pain and fear afraid,

Death may call and life may pass away.

Emergencies always have first place.

First aid brings swift release from pain  

Golden hour demand speed not delay.

Hospital staff wait nervously predicting

Injuries sustained and steps to take.

Joyful result or death chosen by fate;


Foreign Legion

Legionnaires parade smartly through the city

Marching to  Le Boudin or the Kepi Blanc

Non-French united in one brotherhood

Only one command recognised fight and die

Proud of this tradition and leave no wounded

Queen and country have no meaning

Respect of officers and orders followed

Supersede all other aims and orders

This makes the legionnaire forever famed



Unfurled sails and anchor raised

Victuals and water stored below

Whilst ancient sailors ply their trade

Xebecs three masts take the strain

Young men bring her through the storm.

Zythum refreshes tired bodies rest.


[Xebec, an ancient sailing ship.]

[Zythum, an  ancient Beer.]

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